The App that boosts your business

AE Cloud Services is the technological solution that simplifies your work, improves your customers' experience and expands your business.


What does it do?


Share photos with your customers and receive their selection with ease


Sell your photos to people attending an event

When should you use it?


When you need to receive a selection of photos from your customers to:
- Layout an Album
- Print photos
- Create wall prints
- Compose a portfolio
- Prepare a catalogue


When you photograph an event your photos are the memories of all the attendees:
- Weddings
- First Communions and Christenings
- Sports Events
- Dance Recitals
- School Plays and Recitals
- Corporate Events
- Pet Shows
- Discos and Parties
- Birthdays
- Graduations
- Concerts
- Trade Shows
- Conferences

How do you use it?


1 - Create a project in the control panel
2 - Define the minimum and maximum number of photos that your customer can choose
3 - Load and share the photos on the App
4 - Your customers choose the photos for the products agreed
5 - Download the selected photos
6 - Create and order the products


1 - Create a project in the control panel
2 - Choose which products to sell and at how much
3 - During the event shoot the photos and give the password to enter the gallery to the people attending the event. Use the promotion card you can download in the control panel
4 - Load and share the photos on the App
5 - The customers download the App and purchase the products with your photos
6 - Album Epoca collects the money, prints and delivers the photos and credits the money to your account

Why use it?


1 - Your customer chooses the photos on their smartphone at their convenience, even at home, without having to waste time coming to your studio.
2 - Your are notified as soon as your customers complete their selection.
3 - You can download the chosen photos from the email or from the control panel

Reach your customers more quickly - You both save time


1 - Reach more customers with whom you can share your photos (e.g. wedding guests)
2 - You can broaden your market with new business opportunities (e.g. sport, dance, schools, etc.)
3 - Your customers buy more products because they can see the photos on their smartphone in real time during the event or afterwards, in the comfort of their home
4 -We take care of supporting your customers, by answering any questions

Your customers are happy and you increase your profits.

How much do you earn?


Create a project and choose which products to offer your customers.
This will let you customise your offer based on your service.
Choose your selling price based on your purchase price and earn 80%!

Selling price € 6,00 - base price € 2,00 = difference € 4,00 The margin of 80% will be calculated on the € 4,00 = € 3,20 (VAT included) is your profit



How do I take part in the AE Cloud Services?
AE Cloud Services is dedicated to photographers that activate one of the AE Membership programs.
Find the link to access the control panel in the top right of, once the desired program (Starter or Professional) has been activated.

For which type of service is AE Cloud Services available?
AE Cloud Services is available for any event from weddings to boudoir, from newborn to portrait. AE Cloud Services offers specific products according to each service and recipient: newlyweds, friends and contacts of the person that commissioned the service.

How do I prepare my images for the upload?
1. Choose the shots you want to propose according to the event (by way of example and not exhaustive: 300 for weddings, 50 for portrait…);
2. Edit the images to enhance them according to your style;
3. Save them in JPEG with high resolution;
4. Upload to AE Cloud Services.

How long will my projects be online?
Your projects will remain online at the discretion of Album Epoca, for as long as we consider it necessary to generate revenue for both parties (however, not less than one year). You can decide to delete it at any time. In this case we won’t be able to use it to generate revenues.

For how long is the gallery available for my customers?
The gallery is linked to the project, as long as the project is online the gallery will be available for your customers.

Are my photos protected?
Your images will be protected by default with Album Epoca’s watermark but you can replace it accessing the settings section of AE Membership.

How many photos can I upload (minimum and maximum)?
There’s no maximum, however we don’t recommend to upload more than 300/350 shots to avoid overwhelming your customer.

How will the product be delivered to my customer?
Album Epoca will ship the product to the address provided by your customer. We use couriers to deliver worldwide. Great for “Destination photographers” and also for those who live away from their customers.

How many projects can be uploaded?
The project quantity is determined by the AE Membership program you’ve selected: 10 for Starter, unlimited for Professional.

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