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How can I apply of an offer?

First of all we suggest you check our Promo section in your reserved area to find out the offers that Album Epoca has created for you.

In this section you will find all of our ongoing offers, with detailed information on their use ( deadline, discounted products included and voucher codes to apply).

The voucher is an alphanumeric code to apply in a box provided at the end of the online invoice. Please note that voucher codes can only be applied when the order is in ‘PDF Proof Ready’ status. 

Once it is applied, the voucher code brings down the price of one or more products based on the discount provided. This way the invoice is real-time edited and the order can be confirmed for printing. 

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Why is the voucher (promo code) I applied not accepted?

First of all we suggest you check our Promo section in your reserved area to verify whether the code you applied is still valid or not. If you have been given the code by your sales representative you may contact them directly for further details. 

If the code is still active please check that it respects the terms of use associated (i.e. if you ordered all of the products needed to accept the offer or if the format of the product you requested is included in the promotion). If at least one term of use is not respected the voucher code cannot be used. 

One of the most frequent reasons why the code cannot be applied is that the client did not order one or more products requested in the offer, thinking that they would have been added automatically by our lab. Since you will need to customize every cover of the products you order, it is necessary to always include all of the products you want in your order,  because we will discount only those that were present in the invoice when you applied the promo code.

Another common mistake is to mispell the code, either by inserting a space or by changing a digit. We advise you to always copy and paste the code to avoid typing mistakes. 

If you already did all the above verifications please contact our 

 Customer Care on 1-800-387-2288 (free) or at customercare_ca@albumepoca.com 

                                1-855-267-5606 (free)  or at customercare_us@albumepoca.com 

                               39-0541-609907 or at customercare_eu@albumepoca.com

                                     39-0541-609907 or at customercare_ww@albumepoca.com


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Where do I find the price list?

To access our contents ( price list, offers, orders, software etc.) available in your reserved area you should first register on Album Epoca website. The link to register is on the top right of the home page.

The first time you register you need to follow the instructions on the right hand side of the page below (highlighted in red): Once your registration is complete you will receive a user ID and will then be able to access your reserved area through the log in box on the left hand side of the page (highlighted in red in the image below):

Should you forget your password you may follow the password recovery procedure available at the link ‘Click here’ to the left of the ‘Login’ button. 

Your password is secret and encrypted, therefore Album Epoca Customer Care is not able to provide you with it as they don’t know it. 

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What guarantee do you provide on your products?

Satisfaction or your money back.
Quality is for us an absolute; that’s why every Epoca Album is made to last for a lifetime. Our products are 100% guaranteed and if they do not match what you ordered we will fully replace them with no extra cost. 

This policy does not apply to damages due to normal wear, misuse or accidental damage.
amendment requested for this kind of damage are subjected to additional repair/replacement cost. 

You may contact our customer care to receive a quotation while we will do our best to solve the inconvenience rapidly and efficiently. 

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Album Epoca watermark is a transparent logo that contains the letters AE and is used only for “Sample” orders.

When processing sample orders of Albums, Event Books and Compat Books Album Epoca puts a square watermark on the bottom right corner of the first and last spread of the block.

On frame sample orders instead, the watermark has a circular shape and is applied directly on the photo in the bottom right corner.

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The aim of a book purchased as a “Sample order” is to show your clients your artistic work inside an Album Epoca product. The only difference between a regular order and a sample one is the presence of a watermark, a transparent logo containing the letters AE.

In Albums, Event Books and Compat Books the watermark is square-shaped and is applied on the bottom right corner of the first and last spread of the block. On frame sample orders, instead, the watermark is circular and is applied directly on the photo in the bottom right corner.

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How do I check the status of my order?

In order to know at what stage the production process of your order is, it is necessary to log on to your reserved area and enter your order to check its details. 

The order summary lists all the statuses that your order went through. In the example above you can see the summary of an order that completed the production process and therefore it presents all the possible statuses. 

Every status has a precise meaning. It is important to know if you need to make actions to proceed with it:

1. New: you created the order online but you didn’t send it to production yet. You need to click on ‘send to production’ to send it to our lab and start the production process.

2. Acquired: the order has been correctly received. Our lab takes care of the production process that starts with the digital processing of the files we received.

3. Editing / Edited: our lab started to process the files.

4. Imported: The order has been regularly imported to create the PDF proof.

5. PDF Proof Ready: Our lab published a proof for you to download and check. Our lab is not able to proceed with the production of the order until you check the PDF and confirm the order printing. Any voucher code has to be applied before the order confirmation.

6. New PDF requested: this status is only visible if, after checking the proof, you ask for changes. A new proof will then be created for you to check before proceeding with the printing.

7. Confirmed by user / Confirmed by distributor: you confirmed the printing process. From this moment on our lab starts to produce the products your ordered and it is not possible to ask for any more changes to the order you confirmed.

8. Work in progress: the order is in this status until the production of all products is completed and they are ready to ship. The order remains at this stage for all the time needed to produce the products you ordered (for further details check “Turnaround times”).

9. Shipped: all the products you ordered have been shipped and delivery time changes according to the country of destination. 

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  1. Access the configurator by clicking on the link “CREATE YOUR COFFEE TABLE BOOK” at the page: http://new.albumepoca.com/en/professional-coffee-table-books/ and select the Event Book with Material Cover.  
  2. Choose the binding system you prefer, specify the number of spreads you want in your book, select the format and size. 
  3. Pick the cover style that you like and if you want to customize it with graphics click on “yes” in the drop-down menu of the “UV printed graphics” field. By selecting the type of event you will see all of the graphics available and you will have the chance to personalize them with a text of your choice (the number of lines varies according to the graphics chosen).
  4. In the field “Paper and finishing” select the type of paper and lamination you want by choosing from the available options for the book you picked.
  5. Choose the packaging you prefer for your coffee table book. Standard and Material Covered boxes are available (you will be able to customize the latter in the following step by clicking on PROCEED).
  6. Choose how to design your book regardless of whether you have already created the layout or not. We would like to remind you that this product is available only if you use AE Studio plug in (further instructions at step 8) or the Ready to print service (further instructions at step 9).
  7. If you wish to finalize your order at a later stage, you can decide to save your customization in the Bookmark section by clicking on the ‘save’ button, or you can click on the ‘share’ button to send a reminder email to an address of your choice. The email contains a direct link to your configuration.
  8. Place your order by clicking on the SEND PROJECT button in the Project section of AE Studio plug-in. Once the file processing ends you will be redirected to the configurator which will automatically contain all the information you entered in your project. This information can be edited, when needed, only in the plug-in. To complete the order, customize the cover and box of your book then proceed to the cart. Verify all the information in the order summary and send your order for print by clicking on the ORDER button
  9. Prepare the files you already designed with the software you are familiar with, in a folder of your choice, then start creating your order in the configurator by customizing the cover and the box. To upload your files choose the ‘Ready the to print’ service and remember to name your files in print order (e.g. 01.jpg, 02.jpg … 10.jpg ecc). The best file resolution for print has to be at least 254 dpi with color workspace set in sRGB  (to help you we have created Templates that already contain this information; they are available in the Download area of our website and you can use them to create the layout of your projects).   
  10. After uploading the files check that the file preview follows the correct print order.
  11. In the cart you will be able to view your order summary, apply any available voucher code and send your order directly to production by clicking on the ORDER button.

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The interface has been completely redesigned and conceived to improve your browsing experience and create a website that is interactive, customized, intuitive, responsive and social networking.

Main features:

- Clear presentation of the products sorted by category

- Dynamic configurator of covers and block with online visible prices (only if you log in)

- Possibility of sharing the customized products on the main social networks and bookmark them

- Additional space dedicated to technical and training contents

- Responsive, multimedia, social networking 

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