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Marc Bailey

Marc and Diane Bailey opened their studio in 1979.


Marc holds his Master of Photographic Arts from Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and his Maître Photographe Émérite from the Corporation of Master Photographers of Quebec (CMPQ). In 1997, he received the PPOC Canadian Citation for Service award for his dedication to the advancement of professional photography in Canada and is now at his 4th Master’s bar. He is an approved national judge and has won 5 Kodak Gallery Awards.

He won the 2007 PPOC Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year award and the same title in Québec (CMPQ).

Marc has images presented in the 'Professional Photographers Showcase' at Epcot Center’s Kodak pavilion 'Journey into imagination' at Disney World, Florida.

He has been a key speaker at photographer’s conventions in all 10 Canadian provinces and in Martinique for the National Association of Professional Photographers of France (GNPP).

In 2004 their daughter Jessica (who has her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the UQAM (University in Montreal) teamed up with her parents and the painting adventure began. Seeing that their clients showed an incredibly positive reaction for this new art form, Marc, Diane and Jessica crossed the line between portrait photographers and artists by creating paintings that are priceless.


A few years ago business started to slow down at our studio, as it did in most portrait studios in our area. Many clients assumed that they didn’t need pros anymore, since most of them had a digital camera and could find their way around Photoshop.

We noticed that it was getting more difficult to sell wall portraits and that photo albums were now taking a bigger part of the portrait market.

In 2008, on a dramatic downturn, wedding couples started to ask and even insist on having their images on a CD only. They did not want our albums anymore. This was frustrating for most wedding photographers.

We had to find a way of pushing albums again. However, choosing an album company was a difficult task because there were so many companies on the market.


Then, one evening, in Montreal, we had the chance to meet Canada’s Album Epoca distributor, Abbas Manesh of Artistic Album Designer who amazed us with dazzling Album Epoca products. The choice was easy. We realized that Album Epoca had all the qualities we wanted: great quality, unbelievable choices of amazing covers and good prices. Album Epoca’s CompatBooks and EventBooks are great for studio sittings and event coverage. We lost no time in ordering our samples and started offering them instead of our regular traditional albums.

With Album Epoca our sales have gone up and customers are sending friends and relatives our way!