AE Ambassador - Marc Anthony | Album Epoca
Marc & Tony

Marc and Tony are recognized internationally as one of the top wedding and portrait photography teams. Their images have been featured in publications around the world including People, US Weekly and Hello! magazines, as well as industry publications and several books.

Marc, an award winning photographer, and Tony, a creative director, are two different artists with different points of view and talents.  They collaborate together as a team on every project they photograph. 

Marc and Tony’s unique approach to photography and storytelling result in a signature style of imagery. They fuse classic elements and modern style with inspirations of vintage fashion, and a contemporary edge of glamour, to create artistic, timeless images.

Marc and Tony educate and inspire photographers at annual international photography conventions held in the US and Europe.  They teach both the art and business of photography.  In addition to educating at conventions, Marc and Tony are contributors to industry podcasts and magazines. They also work one-on-one with photographers as mentors. 

Marc Anthony 
Marc’s passion for photography and art started at a very early age. He attended a private art school to pursue a degree in graphic design.
After completing and excelling in a mandatory photography class, he realized that the camera would allow him to express himself in a very unique and artistic way.
Marc’s professional photography career spans over two decades and he has enjoyed capturing timeless images of the most important moments of people’s lives.

Tony Ryan
Tony has always been creative with an appreciation for art. While attending a private business college, he had the opportunity to intern for an interior design firm.
After receiving his degree, Tony’s clientele encouraged him to work independently. He then opened an interior design firm of his own, specializing in luxury residences.
He was still, however searching for another form of artistic expression that would satisfy his soul.
Tony found his passion for photography, while working on a set design with Marc.
As creative director, he utilizes his talents, collaborating with clients to envision and capture artistic imagery.

Our first impression of Album Epoca was a lasting one. Their albums have a definitewow factor and their designs continue to amaze us.

As photographers of luxury weddings, we were searching for a unique album line to reflect our clientele’s sophisticated taste and fashionable style.

When we first saw Album Epoca at WPPI, we knew we found the perfect compliment for our imagery and brand. The albums were an instant hit with our clientele, who just love the variety of options, cover styles and materials.

Clients also enjoy customizing an album reflecting their personal style. It is exciting to watch a couple’s reaction, when they open a beautiful box containing their handmade, Italian album.

Brides tell us it is like receiving a box containing a designer handbag or great pair of shoes.


When clients turn to the back cover and find the name plate, they always comment “I can’t believe we have an album made in Italy.” Album Epoca’s books are so unique they set you apart from other photographers. If that isn’t enough, the albums are couture creations, reasonably priced for a high quality, handmade book and provide a great profit margin.

Epoca is a pioneer in the album industry, bringing European style and class to the market. Album Epoca is more than a company with incomparable print quality and beautiful album designs.

They also have exceptional customer service.
Album Epoca’s staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

They provide excellent support and are a pleasure to work with.
We feel Album Epoca is the best in the business!