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Pursuant to European Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (in short “GDPR”)


PhotoSì S.p.A Unipersonale (hereinafter referred to as “PhotoSì”), in the person of its legal representative pro-tempore, in his capacity as Data Controller of the personal data collected directly from the person concerned, provides you with this information notice in accordance with Article 13, GDPR (in short “Information notice”).  

In any case, the logical and physical security of the data and, in general, the confidentiality of the personal data processed will be ensured by taking all the necessary suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure their security.


Data Controller’s identity and contact details

PhotoSì S.p.A

Registered office in via Carpegna 22,

Riccione (47838 - RN)

Tax code and VAT number 03550860401

Tel 0541/609903 –


Purposes of personal data processing and legal basis

Your personal data will be processed:

(i) without your mandatory consent for the following purposes:

  • online account registration on the PhotoSì website, App PhotoSì membership, order management, purchases, sales and delivery of products and monitoring, customer service management, payment management, management of returns and repairs, management of contacts with customers, voucher and discount management;  
  • administrative-accounting management and related obligations (issuance of receipts, invoices, preparation of payments), possible protection of credit positions, and defence before the courts;
  • internal statistics, business analysis and economic management, as well as sending advertising of similar products based on the contact data provided upon signing the contract, with the right to immediate erasure on request;

The above processing modes comply respectively with the following legal bases:

  • fulfilment of a contract or pre-contractual measures, meeting a request by the interested party –condition of lawfulness of Article 6, letter b) GDPR;
  • legal obligation to which the Data Controller is subject – condition of lawfulness Article 6, letter c) GDPR – or for the assessment, the exercise or the defence of a right in judicial proceedings;
  • pursuit of a legitimate interest of the Data Controller – condition of lawfulness of Article 6, letter f) GDPR – related to the improvement of business operations and market surveys, to the improvement of the services provided to its customers, direct marketing and customer loyalty.


The provision of the data marked in the form with (*), for the purposes referred to in the previous section (i), is mandatory and the lack of data and/or any express refusal to process the data will make it impossible for the Data Controller to implement the contract or the pre-contractual measures, and it will make it impossible for the interested party to fulfil the obligation, which might even result in the penalties provided for by the legal system.  


(ii) with your prior consent (Article 7, GDPR) for the following purposes:

  • various types of marketing activities, including the promotion of products and services, the distribution of posters and information and promotional material, the sending of newsletters and commercial communications by e-mail, invitations, vouchers also relating to PhotoSì partners;
  • profiling activities of various kinds, including behavioural analysis for promotional purposes, the creation of lists for promotional purposes, commercial communication, and the sending of newsletters, the creation of profiles for the provision of targeted and customized services for customers’ needs.


The provision of data for the purposes referred to in the previous section (ii) is optional, with the result that you may decide not to give your consent or to revoke it at any time. For these processing modes automated processes are used through the use of software that require in any case the human decision-making intervention aimed at avoiding unwanted consequences for the interested party, always and in any case limited to receiving communications from the Data Controller.   


Categories of recipients of personal data

For the purposes referred to in the previous paragraph, the personal data you have provided may be transferred or made accessible to:

  1. employees and collaborators of the Data Controller, in their capacity as authorized data processing staff (or the so called “individuals in charge of processing”);  
  2. third parties who carry out outsourcing activities on behalf of the Data Controller, in their capacity as Data Processors, including:  
    • providers of services to manage the information system and telecommunications networks, as well as the company in charge of the e-commerce management, providers of services to manage the filing of paper and/or computerized documentation, providers of services to manage customer assistance activities, including websites (e.g. call centres, help desks, etc.), providers of services to manage commercial communication activities;
    • freelancers, offices or companies in the field of assistance and consultancy relationships, also for the control of the company organizational management;
    • banks and credit and insurance institutions to carry out economic activities (payments/collections), and insurance activities;
    • persons who carry out checks, audits and the certification of the activities carried out by PhotoSì S.p.a., also in the interest of customers;
  1. judicial or supervisory authorities, administrations, public bodies and authorities (both national and foreign ones);

The complete updated list of the Data Processors is available upon written request to the address


Storage and transfer of personal data abroad

The management and storage of personal data occur on Cloud and on servers located inside and outside the European Union owned by and/or available for the Data Controller and/or third-party companies in charge of that, duly appointed as Data Processors.  

The transfer of data abroad to non-EU countries occurs exclusively in the context of the management of information systems for requirements strictly related to the performance of business activities and, in any case, in compliance with the provisions contained in Chapter V, GDPR.

Your personal data will not be disclosed.


Storage period for personal data

Personal data collected for the purposes indicated in the previous paragraph (c), section (i) will be processed and stored for the entire duration of any contractual relationship established.


From the date of termination of this relationship, for any reason or cause, the data will be stored for the duration of the limitation period applicable ex lege, that is 10 years.

While pictures and photographs are processed for the period of time necessary for their processing and stored for the period of 1 month, after which they are automatically deleted and destroyed, unless otherwise specified (for example by storing a project in your reserved area).  

The personal data collected for the purposes indicated in the previous paragraph (c), section (ii) will be processed and stored for the time necessary to fulfil such purposes and, in any case, for a period of no more than 24 months for marketing and no more than 12 months for profiling from the date in which we will receive your consent.

After this storage period, the data will be destroyed or anonymised.


Exercisable rights

In compliance with the provisions of Chapter III, Section I, GDPR, you may exercise the rights indicated therein, and more specifically:

  • Right of access - To obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you are being processed, and, where that is the case, access to the following information: the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data concerned and the storage period, the recipients to whom these can be disclosed (Article 15, GDPR).
  • Right to rectification - To obtain, without undue delay, the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning you and have incomplete personal data completed (Article 16, GDPR).
  • Right to erasure - To obtain, without undue delay, the erasure of the personal data concerning you, in the cases provided for by the GDPR (Article 17, GDPR).
  • Right to restriction of processing - To obtain restriction of processing in the cases provided for by the GDPR (Article 18, GDPR).
  • Right to data portability - To receive the personal data concerning you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller without hindrance, in the cases provided for by the GDPR (Article 18, GDPR).
  • Right to object - To object to processing of personal data concerning you unless the controller demonstrates compelling legitimate grounds for the processing (Article 21, GDPR)
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority - To lodge a complaint with the Authority for the protection of personal data, Piazza di Montecitorio 121, 00186, Rome (RM).

You may exercise these rights by simply sending a request per e-mail to the Data Controller’s address

The Word of the Photographer: 5 tips for Christmas Photoshoots

Christmas is undoubtedly an excellent earning opportunity for professional photographers!

We've spared you the Grinch's green costume, we don't want to ruin the Christmas atmosphere (we love it!) but we would like to give you some practical words of advice on how to plan, communicate and sell your Christmas 2020 sessions.

It would be wrong for us to take all the credit, however. We reached out to two highly seasoned photographers: Prisca Caroli and  Gabriele Zani, both specialized in Newborn, Maternity and Kids photography.

Each year, Prisca's and Gabriele's agendas are filled with clients looking to entrust their unique style and professionalism for their Christmas photos.

So, who better to give us a few tips on how to organize successful Christmas photoshoots?

Here are 5 tips for Christmas Sessions

  • Plan ahead. Well ahead.

    Defining the project at least 6 months in advance is important when you are organizing a cut and run event like Christmas.

    If you're thinking "I'm late", well you're right, but you'll still find lots of advice you can put into practice now, not just next year!

    Start well ahead and give yourself enough time to organize appointments in the best possible way.
    Photographers recommend you dedicate a well-defined period to Christmas sessions, so that you can concentrate sessions in a few dates  and leave yourself enough time for the post-production of photos, the creation and delivery of any products.

    What is the best way to organize Christmas sessions, especially in 2020?

    It depends on the kind of setting you have and on how much time you wish to dedicate to this event.

    For example, Prisca groups all her Christmas photoshoots in a 10 day period, in November; until last year all she needed was a week. Gabriele, on the other hand, has decided to revolutionize his Christmas sessions: this year he will do them outside rather than at his studio, on Saturdays, starting from October. Both of them do mini sessions which last 30 minutes. However, the difference in price compared to "standard" photoshoots is minimal.

    This kind of organization enables them to dedicate a well-defined period of time to Christmas while ensuring the safety and distancing of their clients.

    Clearly defining the photo shoot setting months before the Christmas session is another suggestion. This way you'll be able to source decorations for less and intrigue your clients with a little sneak peek.


  • Build a relationship of trust with your clients

    “We are always looking for new clients, but above all we should work well and hold onto those who already understand the value of the service we provide." Gabriele Zani's words of advice gave us food for thought. The importance of building a sincere relationship with your clients can never be stressed enough, whatever our profession. 80/90% of Christmas sessions by Prisca and Gabriele are booked by loyal clients who return every year.

    Let’s not forget that winning the trust of your clients means economic security.

    How can you build client loyalty?

    By conveying the true value of what you do. This can be done with good communication (personal and distinctive), or by offering discounts for those who book sessions for next year in advance.

    For example, Prisca applies a gradual booking system which prioritizes last year's clients, giving them the best slots. It goes without saying that "new" clients will have to make do with weekday slots.

    Let's move on to another fundamental step of Christmas sessions: communication.

  • Structure communication effectively

    Communication for your Christmas sessions must involve different channels, according to your target audience: direct contacts (whatsapp), newsletters and social media.

    Whatsapp is a direct and fast tool, recommended for contacting loyal clients or anyone who requested to be notified of 2020 shooting sessions.
    Our advice is to start from a standard message, customized according to the recipient. If last year Laura thanked you for the wonderful experience, remind her of this anecdote in your message. If little Thomas had a whale of a time last year, tell his parents how you can't wait to make sure he has even more fun this year.  This activity does take a little time, but you'll win over clients by making them feel as though they are more than a phone number in your agenda.

    A newsletter is the fastest tool for reaching out to your client database.
    The problem with emails is that not everyone reads them, so we advise that you resend your newsletter to those who haven't opened it. You can automate these processes to save time. How? You'll find full information in our e-book, “Marketing Automation for Professional Photographers” which you can download from the reserved area of the Album Epoca website.

    With WhatsApp and newsletters you communicate with those who already know you. With social media you reach out to loyal clients and new ones in particular.
    Social networks are the main channels for arousing interest and intrigue among new clients, with posts or sponsored ad campaigns. We have covered this topic in more detail in the e-book “How to get new clients with Social Media”, also available for download in the reserved area for Album Epoca clients, under the Marketing Materials section.


    Prisca's advice for communication is to generate a brand for the Christmas event, to make it unique and recognizable. Hers is called "Merry Prisca" and, spoiler alert, it will soon have its very own logo!

    Christmas photo sessions can be a rich source of income and we are right to invest time and money in communicating them as best as possible. Short videos or ads are a great idea as this kind of format attracts more attention compared to still images.

    Prisca created a gorgeous video for Merry Prisca 2019 which you can draw inspiration from.

     Videos generate more interaction which is why Gabriele's communication on social media is mainly developed in Instagram stories. He has also created story highlights, so that his followers can view them after 24 hours.

  • Offer packages in line with client requests

    Prisca and Gabriele both offer packs including the session fee + one or more printed products.

    Specifically, Gabriele has created 2 or 3 packages which include an Event Book, calendars (single, 12 month or desk) and cards. His clients cannot remove any basic features from these packages, they can only add products. For him, the best moment for upselling is right after the photoshoot.

    Prisca, on the other hand, offers a single package that includes service fees + one or more products up to a maximum value of €100. During or after the photoshoot of their children, her clients can browse a brochure containing all the products she offers. Prices, sizes and color options are all specified in the tailored list created by Prisca. This kind of package enables her to earn more thanks to the sale of products not included in the agreed €100 budget. Therefore it is a great method for upselling and boosting sales.

    In order to facilitate and speed up the selection of products, Prisca sends the brochure in PDF format before the Christmas session.

  • Don't represent Christmas, make Christmas represent you

    Create photographic settings that are coherent with your style. All too often the colors and symbols of Christmas get the better of photography style, to the detriment of identity. Prisca and Gabriele both prefer clutter-free stages that do not distract attention from the subjects, who must always be the stars.

    Prisca designs 4 settings, each featuring different moods, but with minimal decorations. This enables her to sanitize set props quicker, leaving her with more time for her clients.

    A few years ago Prisca opted for hire as a solution and has since renewed partnerships with local providers. We suggest you do the same whenever possible, to reduce costs that are generally very high.

    Gabriele prefers dynamic settings which enable him to create a story. It is no coincidence that 85% of his clients buy an Album he offers at a discounted price after the session. This is another excellent upselling practice you should take note of!
    Gabriele's settings are never tied in with classic Christmas colors: last year's feature colour was mustard, evoking gingerbread.


You will have noticed that we have provided you with tips on how to organize your Christmas photo sessions, advice on how to communicate and sell them with interesting packages, but no inspiration on how to actually create gorgeous photo settings. This step is entirely in your hands. The style of the photos, the use of lighting and the choice of setting all define your style.

We'd like to end with one last piece of advice from our photographers, which in our opinion is the most important. Never stop studying and seeking out new inspiration for providing your clients with original and quality work that bears your distinctive personal touch.

Good luck with your work! 

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