Our story

Album Epoca, the professional brand of PhotoSì Spa, was founded in 2000 in Riccione, Italy. Its founder, Andrea Mainetti, wanted to provide professional photographers with a universe of products offering artisanal quality and modern design.

Today, the brand is sound, dynamic, and present all over the world.

Quality, design, technological innovation and attention to detail make the Album Epoca brand synonymous with Made in Italy.

Our mission is "To create unique products and solutions to enhance your photographs".


A world of emotions, traditions, and Italian spirit

Passion, design and technological innovation

Each Album Epoca product is conceived, designed and created to measure, following a path of craftsmanship that is strictly Made in Italy. We’ve combined the best raw materials, the most advanced technologies and the most qualified artisans to create beautifully crafted, unique products, thanks to the wide range of customizations available.

We transform your creativity into products of great artistic value and strong evocative power

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