AE Veloce | Album Epoca

Design Album and Event Book with AE Veloce

AE Veloce is the new Album Epoca professional application built to revolutionize your way of working.

Designed to simplify and optimize the layout, this is the program you were looking for to get the best out of your business.

Here are the main innovative features and functions of AE Veloce, the new Album Epoca layout application dor Albums and Event Books (our professional coffee table books):

  • It is an online tool: you don’t need to download nor install any software on your computer. In order to use it you just have to connect to the Internet wherever you can on any device. This also releases you from the burden of updating the software through constant downloads since you will always work on the latest version. 
  • It is extremely intuitive and easy to use: its interface has been developed to ensure a pleasant and satisfying user experience thanks to a minimal, neat design and to captions available for each icon.  
  • It is fast in every single phase: image upload, layout creation, update of the amendments on the layouts you created.
  • You may define two priority levels for your images: the photos that you mark as ‘Favorites’ will have a privileged position within the layout, covering an entire single page.
  • It’s up to you to decide which layout mode to use:  you can choose the Fast mode to receive an automatic layout proposal that you may then adjust to your needs or the Manual one through which you may control the whole image layout process.
  • You can share the project with your clients online: you won’t need to fix a meeting with them in your studio anymore because now you can share the print preview online with anyone you wish. 


Image upload - Select Images
Choose the images you wish to use - Select from your computer all of the images you wish to be included in the layout of your Material Covered Event Book.  


Manual Mode / Automatic Mode
Choose the design mode you prefer: Manual, to create the layout according to your taste or Automatic, to use the advanced automatic functions of this tool. 


Choose your favorites
In the file ordering section you can mark as ‘Favorites’ the images that you want to cover an entire single page.  


Layout creation
When you choose the Fast mode the system designs your Material Covered Event Book within a few seconds and shows you a complete layout proposal that is ready to be printed.


Change image position  
AE Veloce allows you to change in a click the position of the images within the layout and see the new composition right away. 


Preview and online project sharing
Before sending the order show your clients a preview of the layout thanks to the online useful function ‘Share project’.

  • Available for Windows & MacOS
  • It works with the most popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 10
  • It requires ADSL Internet connexion
  • It is free of charge
  • You don’t need to download it, it is an online software