Albums for your extraordinary images

Attention to minute details from printing to finishing, backed by the professionalism of our master craftsmen, the quality of the raw materials, and photo paper, all make the difference in creating our Albums as unique as your photographs.

Cover materials

9 materials, 6 types of paper, 20 sizes for more than 100,000 combinations to suit any style and appeal to every client's taste.

Mask Group 61@2x


A wide range of fabrics, from lace to silk, to create any feel

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Mask Group 172@2x

Decorated Fabric

Fabrics combined by hand with ribbons, bows, lace, inserts and trimmings

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Mask Group 65@2x


Photo covered with plexiglass, the best way to enhance a memory while protecting it

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Mask Group 195


An exquisite, high-quality material

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Mask Group 196


The elegance of leather with respect for nature

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Mask Group 63@2x


Combining nature and craftsmanship

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Mask Group 200


A stone-like laminate with a sophisticated design

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Mask Group 171


A steel-like laminate inspired by modern decor 

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Mask Group 168@2x


Its steel look turns the Album into a piece of decor

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You can compose and enhance your Album with the many customizations available: UV print, debossing, engraving and much more. Elegance at the service of your clients.


UV print

A variety of decorative elements perfect for every photo session. Also available for Album Boxes, for the most perfect coordination



This technique allows names and dates to be printed on the product, creating a sophisticated three-dimensional effect. Font: Times



Steel inserts with elegant character engravings that embellish the album with a unique and personal design


Metal initials

The application of metal initials lends exclusivity and elegance to covers with a more classic design



A representative image as an insert in the cover for an extra touch of personality to the album


Full photo

An elegant design enhanced with a photo cover printed on metal paper, under acrylic or matte laminated, to highlight the most beautiful image from your photo session

Sizes and orientation

Thanks to the wide range of sizes available, you can find the best solution to enhance every single photo.



cm 20x20 | 25x25 | 30x30 | 35x35 | 40x40
in 8x8 | 10x10 | 12x12 | 14x14 | 16x16



cm 20x15 | 27x20 | 32x24 | 40x30
in 8x6 | 11x8 | 13x9 | 16x12



cm 15x20 | 15x22 | 20x27 | 20x30 | 24x32 | 24x36 | 30x40 
in 6x8 | 6x9 | 8x11 | 8x12 | 9x13 | 9x14 | 12x16 


Binding secures the pages of an Album together, and also determines its structure and durability. All our albums offer layflat binding to give a magnificent view of the entire open spread.


Hot binding with thick rigid pages

The pages are heated in a specific furnace and glued together thanks to a special cardboard core, whose thickness ensures a higher resistance over time. Lay flat pages gives a splendid view of the entire spread. Number of spreads: minimum 10 (20 pages), maximum 50 (100 pages).


Flex binding with flexible pages

The pages are glued to each other, thus making the book lighter. Lay flat pages give a splendid view of the entire spread. Number of spreads: minimum 10 (20 pages), maximum 50 (100 pages)

Our photo papers 

To achieve the most beautiful prints, you need a superior quality product: you can choose from among many different papers to find the perfect style for each of your photo sessions.

Laser printed papers available with hot binding.


Fujifilm Lustre (Matte) Photographic (760 gr/m²)

Fine-grained, it avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections ensuring a natural color rendering of skin tones.

Fujifilm Velvet Photographic (248 gr/m²)

For fine art prints with a deep matte finish that prevents fingerprints and reduces light reflections.

Laser printed papers available with flex binding.


Fujifilm Matte Photographic (230 gr/m²)

The matte surface reduces fingerprints, diffuses the light and moderates reflections.

Fujifilm HD Glossy Photographic (180 gr/m²)

A print surface for images of the highest quality, definition and color stability over time.


Packaging for any kind of Album

Each Album is enveloped in a satin bag and placed inside its packaging, which can be customized with the same UV print as the cover. To be treasured, displayed and shown to those you love.


Standard Album Box

Elegant in its simplicity, this box is the perfect choice for those who want to give a classic touch to their memories.
Available in all sizes.


Album Box with UV print

Decorated with a customizable UV print, this box is also available in a version that matches the album.
Available in all sizes.


Infinity Box New

An elegant, sophisticated box made of Italian fir wood.
Sizes in cm: 20x30, 25x25, 24x32, 24x36, 30x30, 30x40,  35x35, 40x30.
Sizes in inches: 8x11, 8x12, 10x10, 9x12, 9x14, 12x12, 12x16, 14x14, 16x12.

Made in Italy quality 

The use of quality raw materials, attention to detail and craftsmanship techniques ensure your Albums last over time. For a memory that will last forever.



This is how our Albums are born. From the hands of our craftsmen, from the technology of our engineers, from the passion of us all.



With sample products, you can display and enhance your work in the best possible way and offer your clients the opportunity to feel the quality of Album Epoca products. These products will guide your clients in choosing a style and cover, and will help increase your sales.


AE Guides are elegant sales tools that help you in your business. In this way, your clients can see all the elements that make up the product, from the cover materials to the photo papers, and of course the various customization options available.


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Calculating the price of each product is quick and easy

You have 2 ways to check the prices:


Register and configure the product to see the price update in real time.



Register and access your reserved area to download the price list.


Delivery times

Hot bound Albums (matte or velvet paper) and Flex bound Albums are delivered within 8 working days.

More info

Some fine, handcrafted covers require a few extra days of processing.

  • Albums with Atlanta, Bristol, Charlotte, Havana, Liverpool, Montreux, New Castle, Seattle, and Trento covers require an additional 5 working days.

  • Albums with Brighton, Kathmandu, Oklahoma, and Porto covers require an additional 10 working days.

For color correction, add 1 working day.

NOTE: for orders confirmed before 3 pm Western time and 6 pm Eastern time, the working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) are counted from the day after order confirmation.

Our Color Correction

An experienced graphic designer views each photograph and adjusts the tone, brightness and contrast to enhance the beauty of each image.  

AE_Correzione-Colore-Prima_M AE_Correzione-Colore-Dopo_M

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Happiness is even greater when shared

To keep your clients' families happy, you can add 2 duplicates of Albums or Event Books in smaller sizes to your main Album.


1 main Album + 2 smaller Albums

Order 1 Album and get a copy in a smaller format. You can also change the page design while maintaining the same number of pages.


AE_Copie_xFamiliari_1 Album-Event

1 main Album + 2 XS Event Books

Order 1 Album and create 2 Event Book copies with material or photographic covers. You can also change the page design while maintaining the same number of pages.


By your side, always

Our Customer Service is always ready to answer your questions and solve any problem via the FAQ, chat and telephone.







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