• We design for you in just 2 days
    We design for you in just 2 days

3 ways to design and upload your files


Design your album with the program you prefer to use and upload the files of the spreads.

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Upload high resolution images and design the album online using AE Veloce editor in manual or automatic mode.find out more

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Choose a style and entrust the design process to our team of graphic designers.

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The design process of an Album or Event Book can be done by you or entrusted to our expert Graphic Designers
When you are creating your order you'll be asked to choose how to design the product by selecting one of the 3 upload options available. Each one allows you to share the project with your clients.

The files you upload must be JPG, with a minimum resolution of 254 dpi and have the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile that you find here. To send us photos or layouts in the correct order, rename the files using the suffix _001, _002, etc.

Find out here the correct placement of images on your workspace.


We design for you (Full Service Design)

The perfect solution for anyone that wishes to focus on their photography with no distractions and no waste of time!


With Full Service Design, we offer photographers the chance to have Albums or Event Books designed by expert Graphic Designers with many style options to choose from to suit any photographic session.
The service exploits the potential of our online editor AE Veloce that allows photographers, once they have received the design, to speed up the editing and confirmation process thanks to its user-friendliness and rapid way of sharing the album with their clients: online and in real time.

Why use this service? 

  • It saves you time. Designing an album can take a lot of time that you can save by entrusting this task to us.
  • It saves you money: our design service is completely free of charge.
  • You will receive your design proposal within 2 working days from file transfer.
  • You can edit the layout directly online, in full autonomy. 

How the design service works (from sending the photos to confirming the order)

During the ordering process, choose the option "WE DESIGN FOR YOU" and you will be guided through the following stages:

Choosing the style
Select the design style you want and our Graphic Designers will use it as a guide when designing your Album or Event Book.

Uploading photos
Select or drag the photos of your event from the relative folder on your PC. When the upload is complete, start the design process. Your product will be added to the cart  but cannot be edited yet.

Creating the page layout
Within 2 working days you will receive an email informing you that the design is ready and you will be able to edit it online with AE Veloce. The link to the project will be in the cart under the item "edit layout”.

You can view the design, edit it and share it online with your clients so they can approve it or request changes quickly.

If your clients request changes, you can make them yourself in full autonomy up until the final confirmation of the project.

Confirming for print
You can confirm the project at any time and send it to print in  your cart where you can find a list of all your pending projects.


 Let yourself get inspired

The design of a project makes a difference in the final product.
Our styles have been created by Graphic Designers to suit every taste and follow the trends of the moment.

Click on the images to leaf through our design proposals 


Tradition - UPDATED 
White backgrounds, full-spread photos made transparent, images with white or black borders for a traditional style, full of details.


Minimal - UPDATED
White backgrounds and images with no borders, for a design that is extremely clean and simple but with a strong emotional impact.


Modern - UPDATED
White and black backgrounds, images with contrasting borders for a dynamic and elegant design, enriched by a play of colors.


Romantic - UPDATED
White, black or floral backgrounds, images without borders for a romantic and idyllic layout.


Classic - UPDATED 
White and black backgrounds with contrasting images, photos with no borders for a clean and elegant style. Also suitable for layouts with photographs all in black and white. 


Fades - NEW
Solid color backgrounds, photos spread across two pages and made transparent, faded or overlaid images. The backgrounds are chosen at the discretion of our graphic designers.


Family - NEW 
White or themed backgrounds, slight spaces between the images, thin borders for a creative and modern style. The backgrounds are chosen at the discretion of our graphic designers.


Baby Girl - NEW 
White backgrounds or with feminine graphic elements, slight spaces between the images, thin borders for a fresh and modern design. The backgrounds are chosen at the discretion of our graphic designers.


Baby Boy - NEW 
White or masculine toned backgrounds, slightly spaced images, thin borders for a fresh and modern style. The backgrounds are chosen at the discretion of our graphic designers.


You design with our software (AE Veloce)

AE Veloce is Album Epoca online editor, fast and easy to use.

What's new with AE Veloce

AE Veloce has new features and tools to help you create a unique design that reflects your style.


Apply backgrounds - NEW 
To create tonal contrast or connection between the photos, decorating and giving character to your layout style apply modern and creative backgrounds to pages or spreads.


Fades - NEW 
To give movement to the layout, create soft sensations and gentle contrast, you can blend the images by choosing from 4 options and 2 degrees of intensity.


An image turns into a background - NEW
With a simple "click" you can turn an image into the background of a spread, which will already appear opaque. You can then change the opacity manually.


Main features and functions:

- It is an online and free tool: in order to use it you just have to connect to the Internet wherever you can on any device. You don’t need to download, install nor update any software on your computer. You will always work on the latest version!

- It is extremely intuitive and easy to use: its interface has been developed to ensure a pleasant and satisfying user experience thanks to a minimal, neat design and to captions available for each icon.

- It is fast in every single phase: image upload, design creation, update of the amendments on the layouts you created. Requires Internet connection.  

- You can choose to design in "automatic" mode, which generates a design proposal that can be changed according to your needs, and the "manual" one, in which you have total control over the page layout. 

- You have all the most important features to make your design tailored to your style: from colored backgrounds to images that become backgrounds, from the application of borders to automatic design proposals.

- You can share the project with your clients online: the will see the print preview from the comfort of their home and give you their approval without coming to your studio. 

- Available for Windows & MacOS. Works with the most popular browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 10.

NOTE: AE Veloce cannot be accessed through a direct link.

How to use AE Veloce

During the ordering process choose the option DESIGN ONLINE WITH AE VELOCE. You will be guided through the following fast and easy steps:

Image upload
Select from your computer all of the images you wish to be included in the design of your product (Albums and Event Books).  

Manual Mode / Automatic Mode
Choose the design mode you prefer: Automatic, to use the advanced automatic functions of this tool, or Manual to create the design according to your taste.

Choose your favorites
In the file rearrangement section you can mark as ‘Favorites’ the images that you want to cover an entire single page.



Design creation
When you choose the Automatic mode the system designs your product within a few seconds and shows you a complete design proposal that is ready to be printed.

Preview and online project sharing
Before sending the order show your clients a preview of the design thanks to the useful online function ‘Share project’.

Change image position
AE Veloce allows you to change in a click the position of the images within the layout and see the new composition right away.

AE Veloce Tutorial Videos

To help you use our online software in the best and fastest way possible, we have uploaded some tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.


You design with your software (Ready to Print)

You can choose to design with the software you prefer and send us the files of each spread. If you design with InDesign or Adobe Photoshop you can find our templates here

Our template are also available in the design programs of our partners: