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How to upload your files

File upload for Albums and Event Books orders 

During your ordering process choose whether to upload the design you created, use our AE Veloce online editor or request the full design service realized by Album Epoca expert designers. The files you use must be JPG, with a minimum resolution of 254 dpi and have the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile. To send us photos or layouts in the correct order, rename the files using the suffix _001, _002, etc.

Here are the options:

Use your software

Design your book with the program you prefer use and upload the spread files.

Choose our software

Upload high resolution images and design the book online using AE Veloce editor in manual or automatic mode.

We design for you

Choose a style and upload your high resolution images. We will send you the layout and you will be able to edit it with AE Veloce before confirming it.