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Event Book


The professional coffee table book, modern and versatile,
with Material or Photographic cover.

Material covers


Fabric (silky texture)


Galuchat (sharkskin-effect)


Soft touch (velvety)


Linen (natural and handmade)

Customize the material cover
to make your Event Book unique.

You can choose from a wide range of graphics and fonts

Photographic covers

Matte lamination

Glossy lamination

Cover without padding

Cover with padding

Format and orientation

Thanks to the various formats available in three different orientations, your story always finds the perfect design to be told.


cm 15x15 | 20x20 | 25x25 | 30x30
in 6x6 | 8x8 | 10x10 | 12x12


cm 20x15 | 27x20 | 32x24
in 8x6 | 11x8 | 13x9


cm 13x20 | 15x20 | 15x22 | 20x27 | 20x30
in 5x8 | 6x8 | 6x8 | 8x11 | 8x12


Hot binding with thick rigid pages

The pages are heated in a specific furnace and glued together thanks to a special cardboard core, whose thickness ensures a higher resistance over time. Lay flat pages gives a splendid view of the entire spread.

Flex binding with flexible pages

The pages are glued to each other, thus making the book lighter. Lay flat pages gives a splendid view of the entire spread.

Perfect binding with thin pages

The pages are glued to each other along the spine, giving the traditional view of a spread divided in two single pages. The high-quality paper makes it a perfect book.

Laser printed paper available with hot binding

Fujifilm Velvet Photographic (248 gr/m²)

For fine art prints with a deep matte finish that avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections.

Fujifilm Metal Photographic with matte lamination (760 gr/m²)

Silky at touch and resistant to scratches. The silver white point gives depth and a tridimensional effect to the images.

Fujifilm Metal Photographic with glossy lamination (810 gr/m²)

The unique metal reflections make the image vibrant and intense.

Fujifilm Matte Photographic (760 gr/m²)

Fine-grained, it avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections ensuring a natural color rendering of skin tones.

Laser printed paper available with flex binding.

Fujifilm Matte Photographic (230 gr/m²)

The matte surface reduces fingerprints, diffuses the light and limits reflections.

Fujifilm HD Glossy Photographic (180 gr/m²)

A print surface for images of the highest quality, definition and color stability over time.

Digital offset printed paper available with perfect binding.

Burgo glossy coated press printed (170 gr/m²)

Paper with multi-layered coating on both sides and glossy finish, its great white point ensures a brilliant print and the color rendering is natural.

Felix Schoeller Satin press printed (190 gr/m²)

This satin finished paper with low reflectance offers a broad color gamut, widening the tones of dark colors and keeping the whites brilliant.

Burgo varnished coated press printed (UV) (170 gr/m²)

Paper with multi-layered coating on both sides and finished with UV varnish that gives saturation, contrast and three-dimensionality to the print. This paper intensifies the colors and gives character to the photos.

Felix Schoeller Pearl press printed (210 gr/m²)

This paper gives a pearly effect to your images, the particular white point enriches the shades of the darker tones and softens the white brilliance.


The endpaper can make a difference in the design of a coffee table book. You can choose between ivory and black paper or select a coordinated option with the same material and color of the cover, for a beautiful tactile and visual effect.

Standard endpaper

Ivory or black paper

Coordinated endpaper

with the same material and color of the cover

A packaging for each Event Book

The Event Book packaging can be simple and minimal or customized and coordinated with the book.

Standard box

Customized box

The advantage of offering an Event Book to friends and family

Each event deserves to be shared. You can duplicate an Event Book in an equal or smaller version.

Add two material covered Event Books

Add two photographic covered Event Books

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