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Materials for our covers

9 materials, 102 designs, over 100,000 different combinations. Our selection meets all the events and photo shoots: wedding, newborn, ceremonies, portrait, boudoir.
Choose the material and discover the range of albums made for you.


A wide selection that satisfies all wishes of aesthetic and tactile sensations.

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Decorated Fabric

Fabrics combined with ribbons, bows, laces, inserts, trimmings inspired by the playful concept of scrapbooks.

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The best way to enhance a memory and protect it.

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A precious, luxurious and consistent material.

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Combines the elegance of leather with respect for nature.

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A combination of nature and craftsmanship.

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With its refined and sophisticated design it is the perfect proposal for those who seek exclusivity and quality.

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Inspired by contemporary furnishing these innovative covers evoke luxurious lofts.

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Versatile and elegant, it turns the Album into a piece of design.

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Solutions to make your album and photo shoot even more unique.

UV print

Dozens of decorative elements created by our graphic designers to personalize the covers and adjust to all photo shoots, from wedding to boudoir, from newborn to portrait. Also available for the Album Box.


Indented impression made with stamps, which makes leather and leatherette covers unique by adding the names.


Steel inserts with elegant engravings that decorate and make the album unique and personal.

Metal initials

The addition of metal initials gives an exclusive touch to classic covers.


A representative image inserted on the cover to give even more personality to the album.

Full photo

The design of some covers has been conceived to emphasize an iconic image of the event.

Format and orientation

The range of formats available make our albums perfect for every style of service, shooting and storytelling.


8X8 | 10X10 | 12X12 | 14X14 | 16X16


8X6 | 11X8 | 13X9 | 16X12


6X9 | 8X12 | 9X14 | 12X18


10X4 | 20X8

Laser printed Fujifilm paper

Stimulate the senses to enhance the emotions. Fujifilm silver halide photographic papers have been carefully selected to add dynamism and drama or an eternal and delicate touch to your images.

Velvet (248 gr/m2)

For fine art prints with a deep matte finish that avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections. Available for hot binding, thick rigid pages.

Matte laminated Metal (760 gr/m2)

Silky at touch, resistant to scratches. The silver white point gives depth and tridimensional effect. Available for hot-binding, thick rigid pages.

Glossy laminated Metal (810 gr/m2)

Unique metal reflections make the image vibrant and intense. Available for hot binding, thick rigid pages.

Matte (760 gr/m2)

Fine grained, it avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections ensuring natural color rendering of skin tones.
Available for hot binding, thick rigid pages.

Matte (230 gr/m2)

The matte surface reduces fingerprints, diffuses the light and limits reflections. Available for flex binding, thin flexible pages.

HD Glossy (180 gr/m2)

For image prints of the highest quality, definition and color stability over time. Available for flex binding, thin flexible pages.

Mixed paper option

To add rhythm, to intensify the story, to enhance your images, you can choose the best paper texture for each spread. No limits to your creativity.


The element that defines the quality of the album and makes it last over time.

Hot Binding

The inside is enriched with elements that strengthen it and embellish it: a gauze is applied manually while the bookmark and back are assembled. The binding is vinyl glue free, we use heat to activate the dry adhesive and remove any trace of water, to make it perfectly squared and resistant over time.

Flex Binding

For lighter pages and a thinner inside. Great for customized services and less formal albums for the family.

Thick rigid pages

For stronger pages, pleasant to see and touch, more resistant over time, we insert a cardboard core between the spreads.

Thin flexible pages

Photographic paper spreads are assembled without adding the core between which them, provides great lightness and pages remain straight.


When decoration turns into protection. 
This technique enhances the album and offers added protection to the pages over the years.



One packaging for each album

To keep or display. Each album has a box that can be customized, as an alternative you can choose the precious display case to showcase the album.

Album Box with photo

Customize the box that keeps your album with the most representative image of the photo shoot.

Album Box with UV print

The box is decorated with customizable UV prints, that can be coordinated with the album print.


For those who love carrying the album with them and share it with friends and relatives, the bag is the best solution.


Dedicated to those who want the album to be a part of their daily life at home, showcase it and share it with their guests.

Options for relatives

Every event must be shared with our loved ones, that’s why we’ve created coordinated options for each album.

Add 2 albums

It is easy to duplicate your Album and create identical or smaller versions, keeping the same style and design. The layout can also be modified if needed.

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Add 2 Event Books

It is easy to duplicate your Album and create Event Books, keeping the same design and changing the cover for a less formal result. The layout can also be modified if needed.

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How to create an album

Creating an Album Epoca album is easy due to the web technology that we provide and mostly because of the design team that can create the layout for you.

the cover

Upload the images or 
the designed files

Receive in 8/12 
business days


Album Epoca albums are born this way. From the hands of our craftsmen and the technology of our engineers. With all our passion.

Always with you

We love to speak to our customers, receive advice and provide help when needed. Mara, Carolina, Francesca, Veronica and Deborah will take care of you and your albums, the Customer Service can be reached by phone, email or chat.