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Professional photo albums designed on purpose for every photographic session and occasion!

Our professional albums are characterized by a modern and elegant design. The wide range and the many customization options allow you to offer your customers albums for every event and occasion ranging from weddings to portraiture, boudoir, etc. thanks to the extensive variety of models, styles, materials, colors and sizes. Albums come with a wide range of options such as gilding on the page edges - a decoration in gold, silver or steel - aiming to value and preserve the beauty of the album (available on main albums). Additionally, covers are available variably with metal initials, Swarovski elements, laser engraving or debossing of names and dates, all ideal for major photographic sessions such as weddings and ceremonies.


A range of quality photo albums for professional photographers

The design of our professional photo albums is a combination of the most advanced technologies with the utmost craftsman’s care. The materials used for the covers of the albums are numerous and varied, and include leather, leatherette, fabric, multilayered materials and plexiglas. Our attention to details reflects our commitment to creating for you an excellent and long-lasting product, able to enhance the uniqueness of your professional images.

Every detail of our albums adds value to the product: a delicate bookmark that matches the color of the cover, a personalized plaque with the name of your studio and an elegant ivory or black end-paper (flyer).

On the other hand, the Event Album is conceived to relive the emotions of the photographic sessions dedicated to children, communions, portraits and maternity. Find out more about the Event Albums.


The binding of professional photo albums

The binding is a very important aspect in the production of our quality products: the blocks of our professional albums are created by using a thermal binding system, a special assembly method carried out manually by inserting a core layer between the two photographic paper layers of each spread; the block is then fed into the oven without using vinyl glues resulting in a sturdy and longer-lasting page structure with no warping, rendering the page pleasant to touch, feel and to see!

Hot Binding (thick rigid pages): thick, lay-flat pages made of two photographic paper layers plus a core layer.

Flex binding (thin flexible pages): flexible lay-flat pages made of two photographic paper layers stuck to each other with no core layer, hence the term “Flex”.

A wide selection of fine paper textures

Fuji Velvet Photographic 248 gr/
Hot binding (thick rigid pages)
Silver halide photographic paper for fine art prints with a deep matte finish that avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections. It is soft at touch. Colors are true to the original, with a pure white.

Fuji Metal Photographic (Matte Laminated) 760 gr/m²
Hot binding (thick rigid pages)
High quality silver halide photographic paper with a matte lamination that makes it silky at touch. The silver white point gives depth and a tridimensional effect to the images.

Fuji Matte Photographic 230 gr/m²
Flex binding (thin flexible pages)
Silver halide paper, flexible and resistant, whose matte surface reduces fingerprints, diffuses the light and limits reflections.

Fuji Matte Photographic 760 gr/m²
Hot binding (thick rigid pages)
High quality silver halide photographic paper with fine-grained matte finish that avoids fingerprints, reduces light reflections and ensures natural color rendering of skin tones

Fuji Metal Photographic (Glossy Laminated) 760 gr/m²
Hot binding (thick rigid pages)
High quality silver halide photographic paper with glossy finish. The silver white point gives depth and a tridimensional effect to the images

Fuji Glossy HD Photographic 230 gr/m²
Flex binding (thin flexible pages)
Silver halide paper that guarantees image prints of the highest quality, definition and color stability over time

Mixed paper option (for hot-binding albums with thick rigid pages): You can choose a different paper texture for each spread: Matte, Metal or Velvet, since each of our albums is entirely hand-assembled. Every moment of your storytelling will be so valued in a creative way.

Format and orientation






Handmade professional albums

We achieve the best results in the production of the professional photographic album by combining the latest technology with the craftsmen quality that only the hand of a person can guarantee. That’s why every Epoca Album is handmade with our meticulous attention to the details. Every single product is specifically checked because it is the details that make the difference in reaching perfection.


Our goal is to help you improve your business, by offering you professional photographic albums that meet your needs, services that optimize your workflow, professional training and constant support. 

Our professional photographic albums are easy to choose, create, share with your clients, order and receive. 

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We’ll take care of the rest!


Choose the cover style that you prefer by selecting the filters in the catalogue section of professional photographic albums of our website. Customize the photographic album cover and the internal block choosing from the options listed below. Within a few minutes you will see a preview of the professional photographic album you wish to order!  


You can design the images of a professional photographic album the way you prefer: you may use the programs you already know, use our own software to facilitate your work ( Epoca Software or AE Studio plug in for Photoshop) or upload your images and we will design within a few days, a layout proposal made by Album Epoca expert graphic designers.