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Samples to help you sell

Album, Event Book and Matted Print samples at 50%.

Album samples at 50%


Event Book samples at 50%


Matted Print samples at 50%


Tools to create products

The AE Guide is an elegant collection of the various elements you can combine to create made-to-measure albums for your customers. Together with the Album Epoca website, it is a powerful sales tool!


Packs of all the various materials, in their respective colour variants and with instructions indicating which album models they are suitable for.


A comprehensive sample pack of Fujifilm photo papers plus an example of a plexi cover.

Personalised metallic features

A complete collection of steel inserts, etchings and metal initials that enhance covers with a touch of rich exclusivity.

UV Prints

Samples of new graphics printed on a range of materials, including eco-leather, fabric, stone and wood.

How to receive it?

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Use our website to sell

The Album Epoca website is also an effective sales tool thanks to its online configuration.

Album Epoca app for free

Album Epoca is an app that simplifies your work thanks to online previews and increases your sales by offering the people you photograph a fantastic purchase experience of your photos on their smartphone.


3 upload options

When creating an order, chose whether to send an album layout you have designed yourself, use our online layout designer or entrust the design process to our team of experts.

Ready to print

Design your album layout yourself with the programs you normally use and send us the files.

AE Veloce

Upload high resolution versions of your pictures and then design the layout online using the AE Veloce program in manual or automatic mode.

Full service design

Choose a style and send us high resolution versions of your pictures. We will design the layout for you and then you can make any alterations you want.

Professional education

The AE Academy gives you an insight into the success of big name photographers as well as introducing you to new business opportunities in the photography sector.

Loyalty reward program

With AE Membership, Album Epoca rewards your loyalty by offering you exclusive services, discounts and education.

Join our top photographers

Album Epoca Masters are internationally acclaimed photographers who have tried and tested the quality of our products and services.