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Matted Print

Album Epoca Matted Prints are an original and elegant design solution to propose your photographs.

They are the perfect choice to print your favorite images in an unconventional way and enhance your photos of communions, confirmations and christenings as well as portrait sessions, fashion shoots, still life, reportage, sport and art photography.

Ideal to complement an Album or Professional Coffee Table Book, the Matted Prints have been created to perfectly complete your Album Epoca offering: that’s why they can be customized with a lot of different options you can choose from.


The options to make your Matted Prints unique

Album Epoca Matted Prints can be customized according to your clients taste and to your artistic needs. You can choose from three types of professional photographic paper: matte paper, to get a soft and natural texture and an anti-reflective coating; metal paper with glossy lamination for a glossy and vibrant effect, with pure and saturated colors; metal paper with matte lamination that softens the brightness of metal paper for an elegant and refined result. 

As far as the colors of the mats are concerned, you can choose between black and white.

As an alternative to the standard box you may ask for the exclusive Deluxe Box, made of soft-touch material and available in black or white.  The box is refined with a colored-satin ribbon to lift up the prints. You decide whether to add Album Epoca refined graphics and the print of your name in the same color of the ribbon.

Format and Orientation






The craftsmanship of Album Epoca Matted Prints

The Matted Prints are less formal than the classic frames but are created with the same care and attention to detail that are a must of Album Epoca production. Every Matted Print and Deluxe Box arehandmade to guarantee the high quality of the finished product and to meet your clients’ expectations as well as yours.

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