• A smart box to keep yourn most important emotions
    A smart box to keep your
    most important emotions
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The Matted Prints are the perfect choice to enhance your pictures of ceremonies, portraits, fashion, reportage, art.


Matted Prints

Each Matted Print is made of high-quality black or white cardboard. The oblique cut of the inner edge gives depth to the print fixed to the frame, ensuring maximum quality and durability over time.

Passepartout nero

Black passepartout

Passepartout bianco

White passepartout

The craftsmanship of the Album Epoca Matted Prints

Each Matted Print is assembled by hand to ensure the best possible quality for you and your customers. Each photo framed in this way turns your pictures into small paintings to be preserved and displayed.

artigianalita 1-1


artigianalita 2-1


Prints as tabletop frames

The wooden stand allows you to display your Matted Prints to tell the most significant moments.

cornici da tavolo-1

You can order as many stands as you want to display your Matted Prints, thus turning them into tabletop frames that hold your most beautiful memories.

Orientations and formats

The range of available formats makes the Matted Prints perfect for every style of photo shooting, picture, and storytelling.



Sizes (print area - photo area)
cm 15x15 (11,2x11,2c - 10x10) | 20x20 (16,2x16,2 - 15x15)
in 6x6 (4,4x4,4 - 4x4) | 8x8 (6,4x6,4 - 6x6)

3,2 mm - 1/8 in thick



Sizes (print area - photo area)
cm 20x15 (16,2x11,2 - 15x10) |  26x20 (22,2,x16,2 - 21x15)
in 8x6 (6,4x4,4 - 6x4) | 10x8 (8,7x6,4 - 8x6)

3,2 mm - 1/8 in thick



Sizes (print area - photo area)
cm 15x20 (11,2x16,2 - 10x15) | 20x26 (16,2x22,2 - 15x21)
in 6x8 (4,4x6,4 - 4x6) | 8x10 (6,4x8,76x8)

3,2 mm - 1/8 in thick


The Fujifilm silver halide photographic papers have been carefully selected to give pictures dynamism and emphasis, eternity and delicacy. Laser-printed.

Fujifilm Velvet Photographic (248 gr/m²)

For fine art prints with a deep matte finish that avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections.

Fujifilm Metal Photographic with matte lamination (760 gr/m²)

Silky at touch and resistant to scratches. The silver white point gives depth and a tridimensional effect to the images.

Fujifilm Metal Photographic with glossy lamination (810 gr/m²)

The unique metal reflections make the image vibrant and intense.

Fujifilm Matte Photographic (760 gr/m²)

Fine-grained, it avoids fingerprints and reduces light reflections ensuring a natural color rendering of skin tones.

Basic package or smart Deluxe box

You can request your design prints in the BASIC package or in the smart DELUXE box.

confezione base

Basic package

cofanetto deluxe

Deluxe box

How to make Deluxe boxes unique

Each Deluxe Matted Prints box can be customized with graphics that are designed to enhance the memory kept inside.

grafica su scatola-1

You can choose between black and white, both for the Matted Print and for the Deluxe box.


personalizzazione firma-1

Each box can be signed with the photographer’s or the photo studio’s name. The satin ribbon, coordinated with the graphics of the Deluxe box, can be chosen from four available colors.

How to create Matted Prints

When creating the order, you can upload and frame the photos directly online, in a special interface that shows the preview of the finished product.


It's easy to frame your pictures
with our online editor


Always with you

We love to speak to our customers, receive pieces of advice and provide help when needed. Mara, Carolina, Francesca, Veronica and Deborah will take care of you and your books. Customer Service can be reached by phone, email or live chat.


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Delivery Time

7/8 working days.

NOTE: for color correction add 1 working day.

the working days are from Monday to Friday (public holidays and weekends excluded).
For orders confirmed by 3 pm Western time and 6 pm Eastern time the first working day is the one after confirmation. For orders confirmed after the indicated time add one working day.